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our Mission

We love VR and want everyone else to love it too.

Everyone seems to have their preferred movement or turning style. What about that one “feature” that is a game breaker if it’s in, or not in the game.
We give you these game-play facts to help you determine if a game is right for you. This site will also help you sort VR games and discover new ones you will enjoy.

We give you the non-biased facts. 

Facts sheets

This site is first and foremost a collection of gameplay facts about VR games. It is designed to help you find a new game to play based on what types of features and gameplay mechanics you like. A variety of sorting options have been incorporated to help with this, but there is always room for new suggestions of categories and features to be added. Our ambitious goal is to include a fact sheet for every VR game on the market!

Due to the abundance of games on the market, a 20 plus game backlog is common. Interest level and number of requests plays a big factor in the order in which things are completed.


Not all games will get reviews. This is for a couple reasons:
– Currently I am a team of 1 doing this on my free time while working a full time job. Reviews take time and I simply don’t have enough of it to review every game.
– Some games are just not for me or I’m incredibly bad at them. If I don’t play enough of a game to where I feel I can give it a fair review, I will not review it at all.

Rating system:

100: This score will most likely never be given out. There, after all, is no such thing as a perfect game. There is always room for improvement even in the best of games.
95-70: Recommended game rating range. 95 being the highest score possible.
50-65: Neutral rating range
20-45: Negative rating range. Not recommended.
0-15: Shovelware quality. Games falling in this range are not likely to be included at all due to time restrictions.

Games included on the site

Paid PC VR games of all sizes from the Steam or Oculus Rift Store. Paid Oculus Quest games.

Due to the current size of our team and availability of equipment. PSVR exclusive games are not included. PSVR support is marked on games but games are only tested on PC, so gameplay features may not be the same.

We also do not currently include free games as you can try them yourself. We typically just don’t test free games. That being said though, if you are a developer of a free PC VR or Oculus Quest game and submit your game information to us, we will be happy to look into including it.

Headsets, controllers and gear owned
  • HTC VIVE  and controllers
  • Oculus Rift-S and Touch controllers
  • Valve Index Controllers
  • Oculus Quest 2 and Touch Controllers
  • bHaptics 40X vest and arms
  • 3 Vive trackers
Site origins and Creation

Having collected and played a large amount of VR games it was decided that this was a great way to share this passion with the world. Through much research, it became obvious that most VR sites out there were primarily (if not only) focused on reviews with little to nothing provided about the gameplay and mechanics or to help players find other games they may enjoy. Hence the idea for VRGameFAQs was formed.

As a full time web server admin I have built multiple websites, so building and maintaining of this site itself was part of the fun! After almost a year of adding all the games I owned VRGameFAQs.com was launched with over 100 games. The site has been continually growing and evolving to meet the needs of the VR community ever since.

Become a Reviewer!

Are you as passionate about VR games as I am and want to help write reviews? I’m actively looking for review volunteers. Please reach out here.