About Us

our Mission

We love VR and want everyone to love it too.

Everyone seems to have their preferred movement or turning style. What about that one “feature” that is a game breaker if it’s in/not in the game.
We give you these game-play facts to help you determine if a game is right for you. This site will also help you sort VR games and discover new ones you will enjoy.

This is NOT a review site. We give you the facts. 

Headsets and Controllers we have access to
  • HTC VIVE¬† and controllers
  • Oculus Rift-S and Touch controllers
  • Valve Index Controllers
  • Oculus Quest and Touch Controllers
Games included on the site

Paid PC VR games of all sizes from the Steam or Oculus Rift Store. Paid Oculus Quest games.

Due to the current size of our team and availability of equipment. PSVR exclusive games are not included. PSVR support is marked on games but games are only tested on PC, so gameplay features may not be the same.

We also do not include free games as you can try them yourselves. We do not feel testing free games is a good use of our time, currently. However, if you are a developer of a free PC VR or Oculus Quest game and submit your game information to us, we will be happy to include it.

Our Game Testing Process

We test/play each game first with an HTC Vive headset and Vive controllers. We will spend at least 30 mins (if the game allows) playing and taking notes. We will also take screen shots of all the options and settings menus within the game.

Next, if needed, we will test the game on the Oculus Rift S. These are games that may function differently with the use of joysticks. For example, all games without snap turning on the Vive are tested to see if it’s enabled with the Touch joysticks.

Value Index (Knuckles) Controller testing

We have Value Index Controllers for testing and are updating game FAQS pages as Index controller specific updates are released. With games that were released after the Index, we will be testing for the level of Knuckles support (IE, finger movement) and SteamVR Input support

PSVR Testing

We have access to a PSVR but as games need to be purchased separately we do not currently have access to enough games to be helpful to PSVR players.