What do all these facts mean?

Basic Info

Release Date

For consistency, this is the U.S. Steam PC VR release date. If the game is not on Steam the release date is the earliest U.S. release date on whatever platform.

Supported Headsets

These are the headsets the developer has listed as officially supported.

Supported Controllers

These are the controllers the developer has listed as officially supported.

Release Status

Early Access:

Early Access games are still being developed and are not complete. All aspects of the game may or may not change with further development and updates.  Early Access games may receive many updates before Full release. Early Access games often mean the developers want you, the player, to be involved in the development. For this reason we try to check up on games in this status more often.

Full Release: 

The developers have considered this game complete. It may still receive bug fix updates or additional content but it should be less often.

Oculus Cross-Buy: 

You get both the Oculus Rift (PC) version and the Oculus Quest version of the game when you purchase either version from the Oculus Store. Information comes from the official list here:

Gameplay Info

Locomotion options

Smooth Movement – a movement system that involves using a trackpad or thumbstick to navigate through virtual worlds as you would in a traditional console game.

Teleport – a movement system that involves pointing to a desired location and clicking a button to be automatically moved there.

Roomscale Movement – you must physically move your body around your play space. Depending on the game this can range from front facing left and right movements to large 360 degree play spaces.

 On-rails – Forward movement progresses on its own and is not player controlled.

Turning options

Snap – Each button push/press and you turn a set amount of degrees instantly.

Smooth – Smoothly turn at a steady speed while a button is being held/pressed.

Sitting or Standing

What the developer has listed as officially supported.


The game character you are playing as.

In-Game Tutorial

Written and/or interactive tutorials count for this as long as it is helpful.

Play length

Average time for 1 complete play though on 1 difficulty. This is an estimate and just meant to give you a general idea of how long the game is.