Billy is really angry! Billy’s girlfriend Jessica was kidnapped by creatures from a 2D World. Billy has to follow the creatures into the 2D World to free Jessica.

Basic Info

Release Date: Feb 19, 2019

Developer/Publisher:  Indiecode Games

Supported Headsets: HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Quest w/Link (PCVR)

Supported Controllers: Tracked motion Controllers

Game Modes: Single Player

Release Status: Full release

Demo Available: No

Gameplay Info

Locomotion options: Smooth Movement

Turning options: Snap (180 Degrees)

Roomscale: No

Sitting: Yes Standing: Yes

Left Handed option: No

In-Game Height Calibration: No

Comfort options: None

Avatar: Controllers

Health Display Location: On Right controller

In-Game Tutorial: No

Physical Activity level: Mild

Play length:  1 hour

Number of Levels:  5

Difficulty Options:  No

Mod Support: No

What does this all mean?

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Gameplay Video
Further Info

Game gives no instructions and has no settings. Controls on Vive are not standard: left track pad move forward/ backwards; right grip button rotate 180 degrees; trigger jump, punching motion for obstacles, no button.


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Information last verified/updated: May 13, 2019

Information, menu images and review based on the Steam version of the game. There may be slight differences between platforms.

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