Grab your VR controllers, and get ready to snip away! Bizarre Barber is a surreal, fun & fast-moving haircutting game set on a subway platform.


Basic Info

Release Date: Feb 26, 2020

Developer/Publisher:  Synesthetic Echo

Supported Headsets: HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift

Supported Controllers: Tracked motion Controllers (Index/Knuckles work without issue)

Game Modes: Single Player

Release Status: Full release

Demo Available: No

Gameplay Info

Locomotion options: Stand/Sit in one location

Turning options: Front-facing

Roomscale: Yes

Sitting: Yes Standing: Yes

Left Handed option: N/A

In-Game Height Calibration: No

Comfort options: None

Avatar: Only giant pair of scissors you are holding with both hands is shown.

Gear/Inventory: None or N/A

Health Display Location: Top right in game board

In-Game Tutorial: No

Physical Activity level:  Moderate – High

Play length:  1.5 -2 hrs

Number of Levels:  13

Difficulty Options:  None

Mod Support: No

What does this all mean?

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Gameplay Video
Menu Options Screenshots: (Taken from in-game)

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Information last verified/updated: March 7, 2020

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