Virtual makeovers were never more real! Thanks to the VR technology, you will be able to single-handedly take care of ruined properties, gaining your clients’ appreciation and satisfaction from a job well done! Put on your goggles, take a firm grip on the controllers and become a master of renovation!

Basic Info

Release Date: Nov 5, 2020

Developer/Publisher:  Frozen Way

Supported Headsets: HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, WMR

Supported Controllers: Tracked motion Controllers

Oculus Cross-Buy: No

Game Modes: Single Player

Release Status: Full release

Demo Available: No

Gameplay Info

Locomotion options: Smooth Movement, Teleport

Turning options: Snap: Degree of turn options are available, Smooth or Physical(No button. Turn your body)

Roomscale: Yes

Sitting: Yes Standing: Yes

Left Handed option: Yes

In-Game Height Calibration: Yes

Comfort options: Vignette

Avatar: Only Hands

Gear/Inventory: waist holster and Menu system accessible with a button

Health Display Location: None or N/A

In-Game Tutorial: Yes

Physical Activity level:  Mild – Moderate

Play length: 

Number of Levels: 

Difficulty Options:  None

Mod Support: No

What does this all mean?

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Quick Review

This has a lot of potential and is a fun concept but is currently full of glitches that make for a frustrating experience. Feels like this should be an Early Access game.
The good
  • Seems to have a good amount of content.
The bad
  • Grabber tool is unreasonably long where when on your toolbelt the bottom of it goes through the floor.
  • Floor broom is used to clean off tables and countertops which feels really awkward.
  • Items are very difficult to move in exact places and are easily moved by mistake. Also rotate function does not seem to work.
  • I often seemed to get caught on invisible items when trying to walk around houses.
Gameplay Video
Menu Options Screenshots: (Taken from in-game)

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Information last verified/updated: February 23, 2021

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