UNBINARY is a VR puzzle adventure, entirely hand-painted. Meet Webby, a super AI made from human behavior data and candidate to rule planet Earth. Wear three masks that offer varied physical interactions in VR, and change the way the world reacts to you. Is she ready to fulfill her purpose?


Basic Info

Release Date: Mar 26, 2021 (Steam), Feb 17, 2022 (Quest)

Developer/Publisher:  Ludact

Supported Headsets: HTC Vive, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Quest w/Link, Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Windows Mixed Reality

Supported Controllers: Tracked motion Controllers

Oculus/Meta Cross-Buy: No

Game Modes: Single Player

Release Status: Full release

Demo Available: No

Supported Add-ons/SDKs:

Gameplay Info

Locomotion options: Smooth Movement, Teleport

Turning options: Snap or Smooth

Roomscale: Yes

Sitting: Yes Standing: Yes

Left Handed option: No

Comfort options: Vignette

Avatar: Only Hands

Gear/Inventory: Menu system accessible with a button

Health Display Location: None or N/A

In-Game Tutorial: Yes

Physical Activity level:  Mild

Play length:  2.5 – 4hrs

Number of Levels:  22

Difficulty Options: 

Mod Support: No

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Overall rating

Set in a Portal feeling world this games compelling story and unique puzzle mechanics kept me playing until the end. ***** At the time of this review, I had completed the game. *****
The good
  • All graphics were hand painted which gives it a beautifully distinctive look.
  • Captivating story and world. Kept me wanting to play more.
  • Unique mask gameplay element. The 3 masks you collect each give you different abilities and change how other bots react to you.
The bad
  • Puzzles were all very easy, presenting hardly any challenge throughout the game. Was still fun, but if your looking for any sort of challenge this is not it
Gameplay Video

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Menu Options Screenshots: (Taken from in-game)

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Information last verified/updated: Aug 15, 2022

Information, menu images and review based on the Viveport version of the game. There may be slight differences between platforms.

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