Step inside a galaxy far, far away with Vader Immortal: Episode I. You are a smuggler operating near Mustafar, the fiery world Darth Vader calls home. When you are unexpectedly pulled out of hyperspace, you find yourself uncovering an ancient mystery at the behest of the Sith Lord himself.
With the help of your droid companion, ZO-E3, you’ll navigate the dangers of the fortress, hone your lightsaber skills, and meet new characters along the way as you discover what Vader is up to.


Basic Info

Release Date: June 20, 2019

Developer:  ILMxLAB

Publisher:  Disney Electronic Content, Inc.

Supported Headsets:  Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest

Supported Controllers: Tracked motion Controllers

Oculus Cross-Buy: Yes

Revive: Works and is playable without issue.

Game Modes: Single Player

Release Status: Full release

Demo Available: No

Gameplay Info

Locomotion options: Smooth Movement or Teleport

Turning options: Snap or Smooth (Also direction can be changed during teleport)

Roomscale: Yes

Sitting: Yes Standing: Yes

Left Handed option: Yes

In-Game Height Calibration: No

Comfort options: Vignette

Avatar: Hands and forearms

Gear/Inventory: waist holster

Health Display Location: Vision closes in and blacks out.

In-Game Tutorial: Yes

Physical Activity level:  Mild

Play length:  About an hour for the story.

Number of Levels:  11 chapters. Plus a lightsaber training mini game Lightsaber Dojo.

Difficulty Options:  None

Mod Support: No

What does this all mean?

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Information last verified/updated: December 18, 2019

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